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City of Twins

by City of Twins

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    releases August 24, 2017

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The Painter
No A
The Grey Truth


Years of nonstop work, creation, struggles of dedication, growing, learning and caring about each other and about our music, our art.
all summed up to a lingering 10 track album.
a mixture of upbeat colorful tunes and a melancholic warm electronic sounds, manifesting a wide spectrum of emotions.


releases August 24, 2017

Nimrod Geyra * Gal Jerushalmi * Gabriel Mandler * Shahar Gat * Daniel Bram

Written & Produced by City of Twins
Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Jacobi at Jaffe Sound Arts Studio



all rights reserved


City of Twins Israel

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Track Name: Goosebumps

So you’ve got something to say
Through the bars they call remedies?
Are you in over your head
To escape from the scenery?
You know it all too well
So you try not to overthink
When the Goosebumps makes you quackkk
It’s the end

Does it thrills you like it has
When your first dream did come true
If the pay check hasn’t bounced yet
then it's not really up to you
You know it all too well
So you try not to overthink it
When the cruise girls start to pack
Then it’s time to take your leave
It’s the end

Will you show me something better, better than before?
Don’t you go, go ahead and forget me
All this time you tried to show me something better than before
Well I assure you I intent to forget it
Just forget it

Do you have something to say
To the crowd in the scenery?
Did you fool them all the way
Or your lack of ambition did
In the end?
Track Name: Cupid
“I don’t like where we stand, where were going
Does commitment seem to you like a chain? ”

“I can do you no harm here on the sidelines
Do you see, my love, trough the signs?"

Take a leap of faith and ask her the question
Let a diamond ring say what words can’t explain
Cupid smiles to the sight of devotion
"Do you see how love can be won?"

Cupid lost an arrow

Aphrodite takes the streets like a lover
She's letting everyone know it’s her day
By the alter waits cupid to tell her
“Don’t despair my love, I've lost an arrow"

Amor est vitae essentia
(Love is the essence of life)

Can we really glue back all the pieces?
Broken heart cannot easily mend
Stay on track and see happiness follows
Do you see now? See now
Do you see how love is the essence…
Track Name: Bad At It
Fading nova in the sky
Time has come for us to separate our spines
Follow the trail of words you left behind
Hollow vacant promises which I'm acting out
And I'm bad at it
Falling through your words

Hello stranger hello friend don't you know I want the same?
To conquer the entire world with melodies
Unforgotten rhymes like spells
In your voice I heard a prayer a starting gun to ring the bell
Now instead it's echo haunting me
A reminder of my dormant hell

Someone took the air you breathe
Someone someone

Loser traitor self-centered man Look what you made me do
I gave up all my freedom I lost my inner truth
If I could change the past I would go back to that day
When I chose to be your friend

Someone took the air you breathe
Someone someone
I'm bad at it
Falling through your words